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Dear Valued Customers & Prospective Purchasers:

During the past year, medical-industry consumers have encountered unprecedented difficulty in acquiring face masks and respirators. The story is the same across the industry: the largest manufacturers and distributors continue to fall woefully short while they are needed more than ever. Indeed, many of you came to MM Herman when an industry giant left you scrambling to mitigate a delay, a non-conforming shipment, or an abandoned purchase order during the height of the H1N1 outbreak.

MM Herman understands that you simply cannot gamble with the well-being of your workforce or organization.

  • Our customers trust us to protect the health of their employees/members - we take that honor very seriously. MM Herman strives to properly equip customers in a timely, reliable, and cost-effective manner. In turn, MM Herman’s loyal customer base propels our growth as a leading global provider of facial and respiratory protection.
  • Many of our potential customers wish to bolster their lineup of mask/respirator providers – as a way to protect against delays, “shortages”, and other problems. We encourage those prospective purchasers to consider MM Herman, including our catalog and website, and to contact us with any questions or requests.

MM Herman is excited to present our latest line of medical-grade face masks and respirators. Before you dive into the MM Herman Face Mask Catalog, however, here are a few final points that customers typically find relevant:

  • MM Herman recently joined with Crosstex (Cantel Medical Corp.) to manufacture MM Herman-brand surgical masks. This venture allows us to closely manage output, costs, and quality control; it also enables our customers to deal directly with the manufacturer.
  • In early 2009, Louis M. Gerson Company awarded MM Herman the elite designation of Master Distributor. Our strong relationship with Gerson ensures our customers competitive prices, a firm nexus to the manufacturer, and optimized lead times.
  • All but two of the products in the MM Herman Face Mask Catalog are made in the USA. This bodes well for product quality, lead times, collateral costs, and, generally, the domestic economy.

We realize that you must be able to depend on your provider of masks and/or respirators, so that you can count on a healthy operation when it matters most.

That's what MM Herman's business is all about - Keeping People Healthy.


Jonathan Swerdlin
MM Herman