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Materials Management

Nearly all operations are dynamic and require items from multiple product categories. MM Herman specializes in managing these diverse needs. We offer products from thousands of manufacturers across numerous product categories. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff works alongside our customers to control costs and optimize delivery.

Surge Capacity Management

MM Herman helps its customers prepare for and manage the unique demands of an emergency situation. Services include product usage analysis and surge capacity solutions. 

Emergency Medicine Safety

A single vial or pill can make all the difference. MM Herman offers a unique system for tracking and notifying customers of pharmaceutical safety information, including expiration dates and product recalls, which results in increased patient safety and compliance.

Operational Continuity Planning

MM Herman helps its customers plan for operational continuity in emergency situations of all kinds. We offer assistance in acquiring necessary preparations and formulating proactive measures. MM Herman consultants specialize in various fields, including product management and legal compliance. 

Additional solutions include global logistics, kit packing, reseller services, private labeling, consulting and referral services.

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